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Friday, September 19, 2014


@RuggedyBaba ft. @IamReminisce @RuggedyBaba ft. @IamReminisce

Let’s skip the controversial cliché… Ruggedman is a reputable character in the story of Nigeria’s Hip-hop/rap music. He effortlessly maintains a long span of relevance and respect in Nigeria’s music industry. Barely a month after the release of his song, “Agidi” featuring Wande Coal, Ruggedman strikes again with a new video for the song, “8 Figures” featuring the self-professed, Alaga Ibile – Reminisce.

Directed by Squareball Films, “8 Figures” is a simple monochrome video, with Rugged and Reminisce sharing the screen, to deliver their lines from the song. This video will pass for a viral flick, but it was properly edited with cutaways to spice it up.




I think I’m pretty good at playing scrabble, but my friend Olumide, strongly disagrees. Every time I beat him, he’ll say I was lucky. On one occasion, he was leading by 10 points and we both had seven letters to empty our tile racks. It was my turn to play, and I spelt – ‘Cwm’. Olumide challenged the word and reached for the dictionary. Unfortunately, he saw the word and lost a turn; I played the rest of my tiles and won the game. My friend could not deal with the loss, as he cursed out severally in frustration. “It’s just a game, man”, I said, but he was too pissed to care. He got up and left my house. He had barely started his car, when my phone rang. “Ojoro master, I will be back for a rematch around noon tomorrow”, he said, and hung up.

The next morning, I decided to practice with the scrabble application on my computer before Olumide comes. After all, it was while playing against my computer that I came across the word, ‘Cwm’. I can’t even pronounce the word. I thought my computer was partial when it came up with the word, but when I checked, it was in the dictionary. After several losses to the computer, I decided to relax and watch musicals on TV; then I saw myself in a club.

I was economizing a glass of drink, when Olumide showed up with a bottle of VSOP. The interesting thing about the scenario was that, he acted like he didn’t know me. When I waved to get his attention, he just said “hello” and looked away. I was just about to pull him up for his strange behaviour, when I heard loud chatters coming from the entrance of the club. The noise was so loud, the DJ had to stop the music to understand what was going on.

Olumide left his drink on the table and ran forward to see what was happening outside. I could see phone cameras clicking flashlights. People were stumbling on each other to catch a view of the mystery guest. In no time, I started hearing mild chants of “Wizzy! O.B.O!” The chants got louder and louder as they approached and behold, it was superstar, Wizkid and Omo baba olowo, Davido, smiling sheepishly into the club.

The manager of the club, showed up to usher them to an exclusive part of the club. The DJ immediately cued and rotated between both artists’ songs. The club was buzzing. The service girls got busy, as they paced back and forth with champagne bottles and buckets of ice.

I tried to log into my Twitter account, but the service was too bad. I just wanted to see the comments on social media. I was very happy to be an eye witness. This was going to be my lead story of the week. I was already sampling various headlines in my head, then suddenly Olumide showed up again, carrying another bottle of VSOP. I wasn’t ashamed to confront him this time, but as I made my move, I mistakenly stumbled on a table beside me, and fell forward. I was struggling to break the fall, only to realize that I had slept off on the couch, and was dreaming.

The dream felt so real, that the last song in the club, was also showing on TV. I was laughing at myself when I heard a knock on the door. It was Olumide. I hissed as he walked in, and went inside to get the scrabble board… (Pause)

Conflict theory sees society as a dynamic entity, constantly undergoing change as a result of competition over scarce resources. This concept was profoundly propounded by philosopher/sociologist, Karl Marx.

This article is not particularly about Wizkid and Davido, but their names will come up, if someone decides to put up a ‘beef list’.

The fact is, Nigeria’s music industry has thrived through thick and thin. We have seen several cases, including Tony Tetuila vs Eedris Abdulkareem, Ruggedman vs Eedris Abdulkareem, Faze vs Tuface, Ruggedman vs 9ice, Ruggedman vs Modenine, Nico Gravity vs Timaya, Kelly Hansom vs Wande Coal, M.I vs Kelly Hansom, Vector vs Reminsce, Sauce Kid vs Godwon… and so on.

As much as we expect people to coexist peacefully, the possibility is that one thing will always lead to another and somebody will feel offended for one reason or the other. Sometimes, there are no explanations of what would have caused a ‘beef’. References to what we see in Nigeria’s music industry sometimes, are the cases of Jarule vs 50 Cents, Jay Z vs 50 Cents, Nas vs Jay Z, Biggie vs 2Pac and so on.

Conflict between entertainers is worse when the artists involved are both top notch. The new age artists share the same fan base, and arguably the same resources. This is part of the reason they work hard to sit on the music charts, they campaign to win all the awards available and put up a good performance whenever and wherever the case arises.

So, for Wizkid and Davido – they’ll sort themselves out; they’ll be fine and probably record a song together.

Olumide won two straight sets of the game and came up with an excuse to leave. I knew he didn’t want me to equalize. Crazy guy.




As promised, the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye – P-Square, released their sixth album, titled ‘Double Trouble’ last week Friday, September 12, 2014.

In the history of P-Square’s music career, this is the first time they’re altering their album release interval. Their debut album, ‘Last Nite’ was released in 2003, followed by ‘Get Squared’ – 2005; ‘Game Over’ – 2007; ‘Danger’ – 2009 and ‘Invasion’ in 2011. So let’s say, ‘Double Trouble’ came a year after its supposed release date, but was it worth the wait?

Two weeks prior to the full album, the Okoye twins released three appetizing singles: the groovy and oldies inspired, “Ejaojo” ft. T.I, “Shekini” and the motivational “Bring It on” ft. Dave Scott.

If you are yet to listen to the ‘Double Trouble’ album by P-Square, then you might not be able to share your understanding of the title. However, I can tell you for free that it is not a double album release; it could pass as the coalition of two gifted brothers on one album. Perhaps, I missed the memo, and the twins have explained the reason for the album-title. Also worthy of note on this album, is the predominance of Highlife and its catalytic function in the fusion of genres.

I guess it’s safe to say, a P-Square album is incomplete without a couple of love songs. Matter of fact, most female fans adore the duo for their love songs. On ‘Double Trouble’, there’s “Missing You”, “Ifeoma”, “Ogadigide”, and the personally recommended favourite – “Collabo” featuring Don Jazzy.

In addition to the earlier released collaborations with T.I and Dave Scott, P-Square also featured Awilo on a Soukous flavoured song titled “Enemy Solo” and Jermaine Jackson on “Zombie”, an Afrobeat/Pop song.

‘Double Trouble’ is a 13-track album, with three bonus songs – “Testimony”, “Alingo” and “Personally”. It is a good album with a nice fusion of sounds, but some creative people are so good, we won’t compare them with others, rather we will criticize them, based on their previous works. Having said that, I don’t think ‘Double Trouble’ surpasses the feat of P-Square’s past albums.


Monday, September 15, 2014


theNETWORK Conference, in the 2013 maiden edition,

#theNETWORK2013 #theNETWORK2013

brought together over 500 Nigerian creative professionals for the purpose of Networking – the biggest gathering of its kind. Last year’s participants had the opportunity to meet top professionals in the creative industry, ask questions, exchange ideas, share professional experiences and, above all, learn.


It’s an opportunity to have young and creative practitioners from the Graphics, Animation, Advertising, Make Up, Fashion, Web Design, Photography and Printing sub-industries converge. It’s a level platform for all creative professionals to exhibit and discuss their portfolios, meet and network, with no socioeconomic barrier.

It’s the pedestal to acquire more knowledge of and to explore existing interrelated industries that share joint demand and supply potentials with the Graphics industry. A step in the right direction towards collectively brainstorming and solving the inherent problems facing creative professionals.


theNETWORK Conference will, this year, feature top professionals who are well learned and proficient in their various creative fields to come share from their wealth of knowledge with the new generation.

Alibaba (Entertainer/Entrepreneur)

Kunle Afolayan (Cinematographer)

Don Barber (Renowned Photographer)

Adekunle Ayeni (Founder/CEO BHM Group)

Suleman Momoh (Executive Creative Director, 141 Worldwide)

Sound Sultan (Musician/Entrepreneur)

Date: October 7, 2014

Time: 10:00am prompt

Venue: Royal Event Center, 103/105 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja Lagos.

Attendance is free, but interested attendees must register on the project’s website

theNETWORK Conference is organized yearly by Abinibi Multimedia, a Design/Interactive digital agency in Lagos – Nigeria. The outfit consists of creative and multi-talented designers and web developers. It is spearheaded by James Abinibi, an International multiple Award winning graphic designer.

Enquiries: 08066753135


Friday, September 12, 2014



Super producer/singer, Samklef has finally released the much anticipated video for his hot Highlife inspired single – “Walking Talking”. The self directed video showcases some energetic dance moves and cameo appearances; it also another show-off material by the multi talented Samklef.

Enjoy it.

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