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Friday, September 26, 2014


'Yoruba Romance' ‘Yoruba Romance’

From the Producers of “The Wives“ and the artistic director of the British Council’s Lagos Theatre Festival, comes another wonderful production of the play called ‘YORUBA ROMANCE’, every Sunday, in October at Terrakulture.

This epic comedy is about a Marriage proposal gone wrong. Ladoja wants to marry Ynneka a.k.a Nneka, Chief Evan’s daughter! His attempt to propose is met with an unexpected response about who owns what lands and horses!

Find out how the proposal went in this hilarious comedy ‘Yoruba Romance’.

Mr. Terrence, writer of the play has said the play is an adaptation of a Marriage Proposal, the 17th Century Russian play by Anton Chekhov, a is a hilarious comedy about the age-old mating ritual between man and woman.

According to him, the play employs the use of different kinds of humor to explore some of the more deep-seated prejudices we have, concerning inter-tribal relationships

It stars notable actors such as Odenike, Patrick Diabuah, Omololu Shodiya and Ijeoma Aniebo. It is directed by the AMVCA nominated Actor and Director Kenneth Uphopho

“These are exciting times in the revolution of theatre and ‘Yoruba Romance’ is a play not to be missed by theatre enthusiasts”, says the Director Kenneth Uphopho

The play shows every Sunday in October, at Terrakulture.

Time: 3pm and 6pm

Date: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th October 2014

Venue: Terrakulture plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage Street off Ahmadu Bello Way V I.

Tickets: N3000 & N5000 VIP

For ticket bookings, call 08096360700 or 0818 813 2198

Written by Tyrone Terrence

Directed by Kenneth Uphopho




#Arise #Mavin #Arise #Mavin

Just a few weeks after the release of the video for “Dorobucci”, Mavin Records, has released a new song, titled “Arise”.

The song, which was released on Saturday, September, 2014, was produced by Don Jazzy and features him, alongside Reekado Banks and Di’Ja.

“Arise” starts off with similar rhythm to “Dorobucci” mixed with Nigeria’s national anthem, but it gradually switches lane to reveal a unique, groovy and ear-engaging music.

Bearing the age long message of hope and belief in Nigeria, “Arise” would not only pass as a commemoration to Nigeria’s Independence Day celebration, it is also a clarion call for Nigerians to live in love and unity.



'Ayo' by Wizkid Ayo‘ by Wizkid

Ayodeji Balogun is still known as Wizkid. His achievement since the release of his first single, “Holler At Ur Boy” in 2010, to his debut album, ‘Star Boy’ in 2011, is immeasurable. He has won several awards, performed at sold out concerts within and outside Africa, and not forgetting the endorsements, plus, his fan base keeps growing per second.

Wizkid has had his share of drama in the music business, and I suppose it’s the same for other celebrities. It comes with the job. So, we’ll press the skip button to his sophomore album, simply titled – ‘AYO’ (meaning’ Joy’, in the Yoruba language).

The album, which opens with the highly celebrated “Jaiye Jaiye” (ft. Femi Kuti), shows a great deal of growth in Wizkid’s music. It may contain his monotonic style/delivery, but the production of every song ensures to engage you all the way.

Playing through the album, you will come across a song, titled, “In My Bed”. This song would pass for a confused rendition, as Wizzy starts on a mid-tempo note, with chants of “Oh baby wind your waist, oh baby you make me craze, girl I’m loving you every day, let nothing come our way…” only for the beat to slow down, and for him to go “I want your body sleeping in my bed… you got me going crazy, oh girl I cannot explain it, your body is so insane, oh girl I cannot replace you…” then suddenly, the beat and lyrics switches up again with a totally different rhythm and him chanting “Balogun Eleniyan, Tinubu Eleniyan, Fashola Eleniyan…” and so on. The lyrical flow later switches to thanksgiving to the Almighty. This track just sounds like they merged three songs together, but it shouldn’t bore you.

‘AYO’ is a 19-track album with a variety of songs and sounds, but predominant in the production of this album, is Highlife, Afrobeat and Juju. Even the Reggae and Pop songs on the album, are produced with a lot of traditional percussion. The album shows that Wizkid is fine-tuning and defining his music as Nigerian or traditional.

The ‘Ayo’ project, bears a couple of collaborations, both local and international. There’s Femi Kuti on the earlier promoted “Jaiye Jaiye”, Lax on “Caro” and Phyno on “Bombay”.  There’s also Seyi Shay on “In Love”, Banky W on “Dutty Whyne”, Yemi Sax onOne Question”, Akon on “For You”, Tyga on “Show You The Money” and Wale on “Murder”.

Top on Ayo’s production table, is Legendury Beatz; he produced four songs on the album, followed by Shizzi and Dr. Frabz; they produced three tracks each. Sarz, Uhuru, Spellz, and Del B produced two songs each, while Maleek Berry produced one, “Murder”.

Released on the stables of EME and Starboy Entertainment, the album ‘Ayo’, may not be weighty in terms of lyrical content, but the general composition and production is laudable compared to Wizkid’s debut album.

Ayo‘, is not about the teenager, who was messing about in school or dreaming about some strippers in the club; it’s about a grown man, who understands and knows how to feed a party thirsty crowd.



@yemialade @yemialade

Singer, Yemi Alade will be releasing her debut album, ‘King of Queens’ on Monday, September 29, 2014. According to her, the title of the album is drawn from a drive to stand out from the crowd. She shares a snippet of what to expect from the album and how her parents perceive her at the moment. As published today, Friday, September 26, 2014, on Thisday Newspaper, we bring you exclusive excerpts from Yemi’s interview with James Silas of The Jarmzone.


At what point in your fledging career did you realize that the game had changed for the better?

That point really has to be when I started getting calls from outside Nigeria. Matter of fact, this is the longest (a week) that I’ve spent in Nigeria in recent time. I’m traveling from one country to another, transiting from one city to another… That’s certainly, is a game changer for me. I’ve heard about other artists experiencing that, and finally, it’s happening to me.

So all of this is happening because of “Johnny”?


What was the actual intent behind the making of that song?

In the beginning there was no concept behind that song, the only thing that I can remember is that I was on a nationwide tour promoting “Gengen” and other songs, then I met an OAP in Abuja joking with me that we girls sing about love songs, and don’t get to mention any guy’s name; that it’s shady. He said I should think about it, make a song and mention a guy’s name. I told him I would think about it. Then we went to Enugu and I met Selebobo for the first time, and that’s how it happened. The lyrics kept coming and “Johnny” was the first name that came to mind, and we didn’t know something big was going to come out of the song.

Tell us about the tours and places you’ve been to so far?

I’m just grateful to be working with Effizzy Music Group, where my ideas are not labeled as stupid or foolish. When my single, “Birthday Song”, was released, I said I wanted to distribute cakes around media houses. They made a budget available for the cakes to be distributed in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. It sounds like madness, but it happened. In the process, we started our own mini nationwide tour. We returned to Lagos thereafter to release “Johnny”, and based on the high demand, we announced an African tour, which started with Kenya. After that, the calls kept coming from different parts of the world: East Africa, Australia, China, Zambia, Togo, the list is long. I mean, I’ve been to places that I only heard about in Geography class.

Perception wise, do you think people are getting the message you intend to pass with your personality?

The perception I’m selling is who I really am – a beautiful African woman. I’m not trying to be a BeyoncĂ©, I love her, but I am Yemi Alade. I’m not going to hide my beauty, because that’s what makes us different. We are beautiful in our own way. I’m thankful for what I have, and I’m doing what I can to promote my brand.

So what’s the worst thing that you’ve read about yourself on social media?

I post pictures regularly, and for every picture, there’s one idiot with heavy insults waiting for me, but half the time, such people are just irrelevant (laughs). I actually have a memory that does not hold negativity and I don’t even bother myself with those stuffs like that.

Personally, I think female artists have equal opportunities as their male counterparts in the entertainment industry. What’s your position on this?

Some years back, I wouldn’t agree with you. The industry is run by men and for some reasons, men stick together with their kind, and they tend to pull each other along, but females hardly do that. However, a lot is going on underground; things are happening right under our noses, but we are not seeing it, because people are focusing so hard on thinking females don’t come together. Female artists are bringing out more contents, they are making better songs, and are more creative. There’s a revolution coming, it’s only a matter of time. As long as we keep doing what we’re doing.

Does this explain the title of your coming album, ‘King of Queens’?

Yes, it’s related to my last comment. We’re in an industry that is run by guys. I can’t walk in with a long dress, and say I want to hustle with the guys. For me to do this, I have to stand out like a guy and do it like the guys. If I decide to just be a queen, I’ll still have to answer to a king, so why would I want to be a ‘queen of queens’, when I can be a ‘king of queens’ and still be the best I can be. That’s why my album is titled ‘King of Queens.

We know the album is ready and will be available from Monday, September 29, tell us about it

The album, ‘King of Queens’ is a very special album because it’s my debut album. I’m excited and a little scared, but I am very happy that this is happening to me now; it’s beyond what I stand to gain or not. I just realized that when an artist releases an album, the fans out there are able to know more about the artist; in terms of weaknesses and strength. ‘KOQ’ is for people who are exceptionally different; it’s for the go-getters and for people who are ‘kings’ in their fields. It is not for people with low standards.

How many tracks are you serving on the album?

You should be expecting at 16 tracks.

Your single, “Johnny”, is clearly your biggest song so far; should we be expecting something bigger on the album?

Asides the fact that we didn’t see “Johnny” coming, but if just one song can be as massive as that, there’s no telling what the next song can do. It’s God that gives hits, I did not know what I was doing when He gave me “Johnny”, and there’s no telling if the entire album is a bag of hits. So, I’m just going to wait, do what I need to do with a thankful heart, and watch everything unfold.

What collaborations should we expect on the album?

I think I’ll rather you find out when you get the album, but I can tell you for free that I have a song with R2Bees from Ghana. That’s all I’m saying (laughs).

Tell us about the sounds, in terms of genres to expect on the album

I believe that life is a journey; even my music is also a journey. Two years back, I wasn’t doing the kind of music that I am doing now. At the moment, my genre is called Afropolitan. For me, it’s the perfect balanced of African and Western music, bearing in mind that the two are like backbones for each side. For African music, we have Afro and Highlife; for western music, we have R&B and Pop and these four genres are always in my music, that’s why I tagged my music as Afropolitan.

Before breaking into mainstream, did you feel threatened by other female artists in the industry?

I’ve never been one to be afraid; being threatened is not my style, because the best sprinter in the world knows that when you’re running, you don’t look left or right. That’s what I do, I’m not threatened.

Tell us about your background and growing up.

My dad is from Ondo State, while my mom is a native of Abia State, so evidently, they call me that Yoruba-Ibo girl. I’m the fifth of seven children, and growing up for me was fun; there were different delicacies on my table, and I enjoyed that part a lot. The twist to everything, is that my parents never allowed me to attend birthday parties, but I attended the best of schools and I put all of my energy I had after schooling, into all other extracurricular and social activities.

How do your parents relate to you now?

My mom now calls me ‘Mama Johnny (Laughs). I can only imagine the joy she feels, just looking at her daughter, knowing that all the money they spent, sending me to school didn’t go to waste. There’s nothing greater than watching your child follow her dreams, and knowing that she also has a B.Sc. My dad had always seen it coming, because I am the only person under his wings that he let do music.

As a product of a talent show, what’s your take on the impact of music reality shows in Nigeria?

I personally think that Nigerians like to copy what they see in the western world, but we don’t replicate it properly. If you win a music reality show over there, not only will they publicize you, they physically enrich you with adverts and billboards; they already plan a lot of activities for you. They basically plug and plant you into the soil so that you can grow, and yes, the growth is up to the artist. However, in Nigeria, music reality shows, pick and blow you up and then leave you for reality to set in on you. They don’t plug you in any way that helps you afterwards. You cannot make a star in three or six months, it’s not possible.


Friday, September 19, 2014


@RuggedyBaba ft. @IamReminisce @RuggedyBaba ft. @IamReminisce

Let’s skip the controversial clichĂ©… Ruggedman is a reputable character in the story of Nigeria’s Hip-hop/rap music. He effortlessly maintains a long span of relevance and respect in Nigeria’s music industry. Barely a month after the release of his song, “Agidi” featuring Wande Coal, Ruggedman strikes again with a new video for the song, “8 Figures” featuring the self-professed, Alaga Ibile – Reminisce.

Directed by Squareball Films, “8 Figures” is a simple monochrome video, with Rugged and Reminisce sharing the screen, to deliver their lines from the song. This video will pass for a viral flick, but it was properly edited with cutaways to spice it up.

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